Access VBA error - Started with "runtime error 7 out of memory" now Access crashing without error

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I've got a subroutine in Access 365 vba which has been working fine for a few years and this morning threw an "Run Time error '7': Out of Memory". I have the same routine running over several windows 10 pcs (all producing an excel workbook for different people all at the same time).... 2 pcs still work the rest - including the PC where I created the accdb file are throwing the error. I've done some tracing and now in the dao.recordset when I'm referencing  rs.Fields(counter).value what is being returned is rs.Fields(counter).Name for a few fields and then access crashes. and what appears in the cells are not numbers which I would be expecting - either the field name appears or 


Does anyone have any ideas? where I can go to next?

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@graemelever Unfortunately, a bug has been identified in a recent update to Access. Scroll down the linked discussion for the explanation from the MS Access Team PM.


It's build 2005. If that is the version you are now using and which is throwing these errors, you should roll back to the prior version.  If that's NOT the problem in your case, perhaps a compact and repair will clear the problem.

Thanks - I thought it was going to be update related (I was fearing the worst and thinking I had a massive corruption somewhere) - I've followed you lead and i'm back up and working again.....Thanks Heaps! @George Hepworth 

@graemelever Congratulations on solving the problem. Continued success with your project.