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Hi, I have created a database with a customer table and an appointments table linking them with a relationship using customer ID. My appointments table has an appointment ID also, so that each appointment is recorded separately for each customer. I want my query to show me each patients appointment information from their last visit. When I have tried using max and last, its pulling up eg, their second appointment out of 3. And to explain, really need step by step instructions as I'm a novice and amazed my database works in the first place. When I finish work, I can add all the fields I have onto here to help maybe get an answer as to what I put in my query design. Grateful for any help btw.
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It's impossible to offer specific suggestions based on general outlines, so this would have to be fleshed out with SPECIFIC table descriptions. Possibly the most effective way to do that is to upload a copy for someone to examine.

I believe I have done it thanks to scrolling through utube, just checking now that it's giving back correct information, really appreciate that you replied and hopefully the link might help anyone else. :grinning_face:

@Yvonnebatfink406 I take it this is the application to which you referred?

Yes, phew been ages trying to work out what seems like such a simple request of my query, can you tell I am not an expert lol
I see that the link is to something else, perhaps a software application?

We need to see YOUR tables in YOUR accdb. Thanks