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Hello Access Community, I am beginner user to Access; 365 for Desktop. I am creating a new Customer Table that has many Parents and many Children of those Parents. More Parents and/or Children are added throughout the month. How do I create a Primary Key for this Customer table? If I use an Auto Number then I will need to use a VLOOKUP function to match both each month, and this process will keep taking longer as new Parent and Children are added. Thank you in advance for your help! 


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There is no VLOOKUP in Access.

Customers have parents and children? What do you mean? Is this for example a doctor's office where record 1 is the mom, record 2 is the dad, and records 3, 4, 5 are their children? Please tell us your real-world scenario so we don't have to use abstract language.



Hi Tom,


Thank you for taking time to reply. Much appreciated. I was referring to an Excel VLOOKUP outside of Access and then loading the results into Access. This is a printing business. There are 50 Parent companies, and each Parent company has approximately 20 subsidiaries. Therefore, sales orders can be any combination within these Parent and subsidiary companies. Also, we have 20 different sales people. Each salesperson has their own sales number. For example, 701. These sales people are usually assigned several Parent companies. However, let's say one of those sales people are on vacation, then you might have a sales person who does not normally service that specific customer perform a sale. So you have many Parent Companies, many Subsidiaries, and more than one sales person handling these accounts. Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks again for your help!

Hi Tom,
I could really use your help solving my above issue; I am currently spinning my wheels and wasting time. Is there anyway I can send you a couple sample tables and get your feedback? Thank you! JeffL1961

Sure. Send me a sample db. tom 7744 at cox dot net.
I can look at it tonight.

I did not see an email from you.
Good Morning Tom, I apologize. My manager gave me a new project with a deadline of EOD yesterday. I will work on a sample data base for you this morning and send it to you. Thank you.
Tom, I just sent you the files. Please see my 2nd email to you this morning. Thank you, Jeff