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Good morning, I have designed a MS Access database and the frond end already contains all of the necessary UI. It is a multi-user database but not everyone have access to it. Meaning some of the colleagues have Macs. Could you maybe suggest a cloud based platform like a virtual machine environment or something where everyone can log into the browser and have access to the same MS Access file without needing to have MS Access on their personal comouters?
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You could use the services of a third party, such as:

Our better yet, make a proper Web application using PHP/MySQL that will run in a browser, so accessible to all.

@RuleendeBeer If i am not mistaken Macs support the RemoteApps from Microsoft , so you could install Access on RDS (terminal server) and publish Access.

Normally it would seem transparent for them.

@RuleendeBeer I also got this :  


but really wonder why MS is not having a virtual desktop at least for MS Access in its Office package...



Is not needed as all you need is RDP and publish the Access as RemoteApp
Simply from the end user it would seem like a native copy of Access running on the cloud.
All is added is the few seconds it would take to make the connection and from there it would be transparent
TO add a bit more to the case ...there is also the possibility or using an HTML2RDP wrapper and have your application running via web if you already have the RDS/licenses then the functionality of apponfly could be performed for free.