Access not operating with Windows 10

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I run Access in Windows 10, using a VBA program for the past 20 years.  Data is input into an Excel file from CQG vendor, which is then written into Access database.  Software code then runs programs to analyze data and then create reports.  Currently, any new data will not analyze, with message saying "cannot perform this operation" and internal Access error code of 3048.

The issue began Feb. 4 and is similar to that described by recent poster ajsmith. The MS tech on Feb. 4 tried/reviewed numerous system things but nothing changed.  I suggested a system restore, which had an available restore point of Feb. 1.  That worked, but 3 days later the same issue has resurfaced.  Something within MS365 or Access is not permitting my software to run.

Today a new tech worked on the problem.  There are no new restore points. He tried an earlier version of MS365 but that failed. He then installed the Insider Build of Office365, but again no luck.  I am hopeful someone here can offer a solution.  My software code has not been altered, no changes on my programs.  The issue is clearly Microsoft Access and/or Office365.  Hoping someone has seen this issue appear elsewhere over the past week or so and can offer a clear way to remedy.  Thanks for your help and assistance.   

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