Access lock file filled with chinese characters and unrecognized database format

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We have several MSAccess Databases that have worked fine for year but recently we are getting unrecognized database format sporatically first thing in the morning and a compact and repair does resolve but it is becomeing to frequest.


the .ldb or .laccdb files have chinese characters in them instead of the computer name information it normally has.  Example below



We are using Windows 10 with Office 365.  Server 2019.


Access build 12730.20236 and version number 2004


I see a new build comes out May 4th to resolve some corruption issues but we have not received it on our channel yet


Any other ideas while I wait for the build to apply?


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@lwestberg The lock files contain information in binary format so just viewing via a text editor will have strange just the interpretation of the binary data

For your case i suspect that you changed something and is causing this issue.

@tsgiannis  On my computer the lock file is in English and has the workstation name and user name, one user per line.

Which app do you use to open the MS access lock file?? WHen I use Notepad i am now getting chinese characters. @Dplaut 

@RIchardCKerr When I open one with notepad I get:

workstation nameNUL AdminNUL

I don't know why yours looks different.