Access incorrectly displays rows linked from Excel data source

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I have an Access table linked to an Excel data source. The Access datasheet shows rows 1 through 10. After a short while, row 2 (SupportID) disappears and is replaced by a copy of row 3. Now the datasheet shows rows 1, 3, and 3. Row 2 is not displayed at all. After I click the Refresh button, I again see rows 1, 2, and 3. This repeats endlessly. I'm using Microsoft 365 on Windows 10 Pro. And please ignore the ClientID values, they're correct. If someone tells me how, I can even post a short video of this.









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when it "changes", can you verify that using Dlookup("ClientID","SupportData","SupportID=2"), there is nothing returned or it does return 2?
Thank you for your quick reply. The DLookup continues to return 2 even after it changes. The original behavior I described was in the table’s dataset. This time I ran a query which showed the same change. Another thing is that after it changes, if I click on anything at all, not just the Refresh button, it resets to the proper display, even if I alt-tab away and back.

Am I right in assuming this means row 2 is still in the resultset? I suspected that the underlying row was still there. But I had no way of proving it until your suggestion. So the next is the question is how to fix it.