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Hello experts,

I'm the new noob here. I own a 2 y/o startup and I just decided to start using MS Access for different business functions. I have two questions:

1- Why isn't MS Access mentioned in Microsoft 365 marketing emails? I don't wanna waste my time learning a new skill if it's expected to be useless soon.

2- If MS Access isn't expected to be side-benched soon, what resources do you suggest I start learning from?

Thank you very much!

Alix The Great

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Access is very much alive, well, and viable for the foreseeable future. It is under active development.


Microsoft's marketing for Access is deficient.


There is no other way to state it. For whatever reason, this has been a problem with Access and MS marketing since day 1. They don't seem to understand the importance of Access. It's incredibly frustrating.



@George Hepworth 

Thank you for the reply George. I appreciate it.