Access: Import XLS error using import wizard

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getting "Automation Error Element Not Found" when using access External Data - New Data Source - Excel file - the file i tried to import was new and empty - 

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of course you will get an error when At Least the Column header is not there.
it will complain because what columns will it import then?

Update:  I removed all Office products, rebooted, only installed Access 2021 and the import wizard works fine.  Reboot and then install Office Home & Student 2013 and install Outlook 2013.  boot, go to access and importing the same xls worksheet as above but now it doesn't works - Error:  External Data - From File - Excel - import same file as above (doesn't matter whether I import into a new table or into an existing table - I now Get Error:  Import Spreadsheet Wizard: Automation Error Element Not Found.  The same issue exists if I use Access 2016.