Access Export file name with userprofile variable

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Does anyone know if there is a way to set an export file name, in an export macro, based on the windows login ID location.  Something like

C:\users\%userprofile%\........ so it saves to each particular users folder location for whoever does the export.


That format works in dos prompt but doesn't work in the macro.


(This is in a macro not in the code using docmd)

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can you create a Function that will return you the Path + filename:

in a Module, add this code:

Public Function MyDocumentFile(ByVal filName As String) As String
MyDocumentFile = Environ$("userprofile") & "\documents\" & filName
End Function


then you can call the function from your Macro:



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Thank you that worked and you provided all the info clearly for me to follow. 

Extremely helpful! - much gratitude for your insightful example!