Access error screen does not close after Ok button of error message is clicked

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I have been using Microsoft Office and Access for decades, But have never before faced a problem like the one I am going to describe below before the current version of Windows 10.

When by mistake a data type different from the one provided for is inserted in a field an error message pops up saying "you must enter a value in the field, with two buttons 'OK' and "Help" at the bottom of the error screen. When OK or cross at the top right of the screen is clicked the error screen should go to enable entry of correct data in the related field. But this does not happen; the screen only blinks when either the OK button below or the cross on the top right is clicked. I tried several times with the same result. I went for the online repair of Office 365 and tried again but the result had been the same. Request a solution as early as possible from anyone in the tech community.

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If you have MS Access 2016 or 2019 try to open your application with any of the two, even myself users make such mistakes its but the moment you say okay you can continue editing. In short, I suspect a bug here.