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I am trying to build a database for my law firm to log documents we are storing for clients.  I have created the form that will form the record card for each client and I have a table that shows the basic client details (e.g. name, address, etc).


What I'd like to do, is to be able to hyperlink the Client ID number (primary key), so that when you click it on the table, the associated record card form pops up, so you can see/complete the details of the documents stored.  I'm quite new to Access and there are lots of templates in Access that do this, but even with the use of Copilot, I just cannot seem to figure out how to do this.


Any guidance would be very much appreciated 

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@Natasha_Adamson if you can't make it work, please read the manual first.



Good luck with the project.

All good database applications begin with good table design. So, before you worry about interface options, it's critical that the tables be properly normalized

Please show us a screenshot of the Relationship Window for your Access relational database application. We may have suggestions to improve the design.


Also, hyperlinking is generally not the most effective way to accomplish what you describe, although it can be done. Hyperlinks in Access tend to be intricate and there are simpler, more effective ways to accomplish the goal. It can be done, but I would encourage you to consider a more standard Access method for starting out.


At a minimum, from your description, you need two tables. Clients and Documents.


"the details of the documents stored" could mean a lot of things. What do you mean in this context? Provide some examples of the details you want to track, please.


Based only on the introductory description, I think a more suitable, and more easily manageable design for a starter is going to be a main form/sub form design.


The main form will be bound to the client table. The subform embedded in that main form will be bound to the document table. The Master/Child linking fields for the subform will be the Client ID.