Access Database crashing - becoming read only after recovery

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Long story...

I have a Access database that I use daily for a small hobby business. I have a Microsoft Office 365 HOME subscription. 


Yesterday, whilst using my database, it kept crashing and I am loosing all my data each time it crashes. If I press save it comes up with the exception message and Ok and help being the only options. When I manage to get it closed, it opens in a "recovery" mode, making a backup and becomes un-editable. 


Being online with Microsoft technical help desk...for HOURS...and they cannot help. Apparently in an update yesterday, that I did not know about...I have it on Automatic Updates...Microsoft decided to put on Microsoft Office 365 Business edition. The only way to get help with it now is to contact the COMMERCIAL department. To get their help, I have to pay a $499 once only help subscription fee. Considering that I did not ask, or pay for the Business edition...I feel this is a bit stupid and unethical. 


I can not afford to have this database keep crashing as I am loosing time and data at a time of the year that I can not afford it.


Any help appreciated. 

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