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In query design mode, when I right click on a field and choose "ZOOM", access crashes, this happens in all my databases and on both my desktop PC and on my Laptop, both are running office 365, can you help?

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Unexplained crashes are hard to diagnose and even harder when we have only a description of the problem.
That said, the most likely causes include a problem in the installation of Office/Access. I note that you have the same problem in all accdbs and on two computers, suggesting an application level problem.


So, your first trouble-shooting step would be to repair the Office installation, then escalate to a full repair if that doesn't correct the problem.


Sometimes, even a simple reboot of a computer can clear up transient problems. I know it's almost a cliche, but it is always a good first step, as well.


If that doesn't get you back on track, please problem more info on the specific version of Microsoft Office 365 you have installed. 


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@Keith999 Am having the same problem. only started today. 

It's been reported to the Access Dev Team.  Waiting to see what they say on the matter.

@Daniel_Pineault  I am included in the Insider program so could it be this that is causing the problem.

I'm assuming it's a buggy new build that you, as an insider, have gotten, but isn't public release yet. Of course, that's just my guess.

Insider has the pro of having all the layers bells and whistles, but the con of being unstable/buggy. So it is great for investigative work, but shouldn't be used for any production machine.
You may also like to ditch the built-in utility and implement:

Hi@Keith999 ,


meanwhile there's a support article online telling that the problem should get fixed with tomorrow's updates.


Access FAQ (German/Italian):

@Keith999 I experienced the same issue, whether using the keyboard shortcut or right click approach...manually prompting Office to update as of today pulls an update that fixes the issue.