Access crashes when entering new record

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When entering a new record the form refreshes by updating the screen and if on the child side the record isn't found the program aborts and requires a resave. I don't know how to fix this, it has just come up in the last year.  Any help, comments are appreciated.

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In the last year? That sounds like an on-going problem that must not come up often enough to have required being addressed yet.

You mention a "child side". What does that mean? Please explain, in detail, the form and the controls on it, i.e. cbo boxes, subforms, etc. What tables are actually involved? What does the child side have to do with it? 

Because we have no visibility to your computer, nor to this Access relaxational database application, we have to depend entirely on the information you can provide. Thanks.

@George Hepworth Thank you for your reply, I am not the developer, we had this problem every time attempting to enter a new record and therefore have not used the database for that purpose since the problem occurred. I am talking to him about answering your questions, but it started when we switched to Office 365, before that time it was fine for the last 10 years.


Thanks for the additional background. The fact that this started to happen when you upgraded the Access application may have some bearing on the problem, although there is an outside chance it is also a coincidence (they do happen).

So, one thing that might be involved is that there is a problem with the reference libraries used in the VBA modules. Since you didn't create this application and may not be aware of which reference libraries were used, if any, I would suggest you ask the developer about that as well.

And, since it's at least 10 years old, it is probably still an the mdb format. That by itself shouldn't be the issue, but there may be changes such that the macros or VBA used originally don't quite work the same way.