Access back end with Visual Studio

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I have written a query in MS access which is returning the data that I want. 

There are a numerous amount of IIF statements in the query but again, returning the data that I want.


The problem is that when I try to use the data in Visual Studio.  Using Closed XML I am trying to output this query to Excel using code. 

The returns on IIFs are not the same. 

For instance:

Iif( p.parameter LIKE "u-*", "Radionuclides", Iif( p.parameter LIKE "*uranium*", "Radionuclides", km.description ) ) ) AS MethodGroup


In the query when I look at it with Access, I am seeing the radionuclides methodgroup.  BUT, when I run the query through Visual Studio and output it to Excel, there is no radionuclides methodgroup.

It's like the IIF is not working.


I am not even sure what to Google to begin to research this problem.


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Maybe you can try this:

Iif( Left(p.parameter,2) = "u-", "Radionuclides", Iif( Instr(1,p.parameter."uranium")>0, "Radionuclides", km.description ) ) AS MethodGroup