Access automatic calculation is wrong

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I have a grafic with a tendence line but the grafic is wrong


This is my case:


I have a grafic with a tendence line but the grafi worg
X        Y
2      29,9
28     64.4

in the excel simulation the equation is

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Can you clarify which Access Chart you are using?
as you can clearly see, you have Different computation there?
Line graphic

I Don´t understand com you explian the Different computation @arnel_gp 

Is it the Modern Line Chart? What type of trendline are you using? It would be helpful to have some data to reproduce the issue. And maybe screen prints of Access versus Excel so we could see where you see the discrepancy
How do i send a printcreen?
If you click Reply, then below the Reply box "Open full text editor" you should be able to attach files.
I have send you in a massage.

>I have send you in a massage.


Might help her, but I prefer a walk after sitting in front of the computer all day.



I was using my mobile and a couldn´t attatch the file @Karl_Donaubauer 


This is my exemple 



I finally find how to add a foto :facepalm: @Maria Barnes 20220127_125251[1].jpg


That worked, can you show the chart in Access too?



This is the steps in access


@Maria Barnes 

Thank you. Please confirm - are you using the new Access chart or the old charts OLE Class "Microsoft Graph Chart"? If you are using the Access chart, please show a copy of your Format tab under Chart Settings.

HI @Maria Barnes 

I Treid to upload more fotos but it`nt possible.

I attach a word doc, with the step`s of the graphic creation on access 2007.



Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm not a programmer. I have no training in programming, this program was created by me, according to my needs and exploring the functionality of access as a user. Thank you for your attention and availability. 

Unfortunately Access 2007 is out of support. These are the older charts. You are likely out of luck getting any support as to why the trend line equation for logarithmic is not the same as Excel. You do not say how you are using this inside of Access. Have you considered linking to an Excel workbook and displaying that graph instead? Or exporting your data to an Excel template and updating the graph end series?