Access as a "cash register"?

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I have not used Access in years and am rusty...I have a convoluted Excel spreadsheet created by someone else and it is buggy! I believe I would be better off in Access but am looking for opinions. I need to track money received by our non-profit by Year, Month, Specific date received, Type of money (cash or check) Denominations of cash and how many of each, which Location the money came through and whether or now it should be designated "C1" or "C2". Daily I need to have a report for the bank deposit and monthly I need a report that breaks down the location total and subtotal by C1 or I asking too much? 

Thank you!

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yes, you are asking too much.
in fact you are asking for a whole application?
there are many Free templates on the net that will help you get started.
If you are asking for someone to do it for you for free, then I agree with arnelgp.

However, if you were asking whether this project is suitable for an Access database, then the answer is yes with the caveat that neither Access not Excel are suitable for string e.g. credit card details securely



Yes, you can use Access to create the sort of application you describe. While accounting for a non-profit may have some unique requirements that other types of accounting don't have, it is essentially an accounting application. Why not use one that is actually designed for accounting, such as Quicken or Quickbooks? I'm sure that an internet search will probably turn up specialized applications for accounting for non-profit as well.


While you can invest many hours in learning how to effectively use Access, and many more hours creating the application you need, in the end, perhaps the cost of an off-the-shelf application might be a better value and use of your time.