Access 97 conversion to current technology

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I wrote an Access 97 database 20 years ago for a friend who owns an HVAC business.  He contacted me recently and would like it upgraded to current technology.  I have a lot of VBA written into it.  I need it to work with multiple users in a small office.

I retired from software development about 3 years ago and haven't kept up on latest trends.  What would this community suggest for a conversion path to a current technology without a complete rewrite.


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@JerryHeck You can migrate it to the current version of Access with a minimum of design changes probably. 


To upgrade from 97, you will have to go through an intermediary version. I think Access 2003 will handle that. Then you can further update it with Access 365, or Access 2019 Professional.


Depending on what you did in the original mdb, you may have to replace things like calendar controls with current alternatives. 


The ribbon is totally different from the old menu system. That will require some attitude adjustment as well as re-learning. :happyface:


However, I would think that Access remains the right choice for a facelift.

@George Hepworth Thank you for your reply.