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I would like to upgrade to the newest version of Office - with Access, 64 bit, probably O365? I currently running Office Pro 2016, 32 bit (PC). There is so much conflicting, non applicable info out there... what is the most direct and inexpensive process for accomplishing this?

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@Jacqui Evanchik


"Direct"? Buy the appropriate license and install it. The same way one upgrades different software applications.


"Inexpensive"? Check with third-party vendors who may have better deals than Microsoft's store. I suspect you'll find several options in a search using your favorite internet search tool. 

First off, you can "upgrade" and simply install the 32-bit version and everything will continue to work.

Should you truly wish to use the 64-bit version, then you have to be prepared to upgrade any API declarations to their 64-bit versions, similarly upgrade any Dim statements that are used in conjunction with those APIs, you'll also need to upgrade any ActiveX controls you use throughout your database (note 64-bit versions do not exist for all controls in which case you have to figure out alternative solutions).

"There is so much conflicting, non applicable info out there..." such as?

As for inexpensive, it only cost you your time. Some database can be upgrade in seconds, others can take days/weeks to upgrade depending on their complexity.

The best thing you can do is have a development computer or VM to perform the upgrade and testing, while continuing to use the 32-bit version until everything is ready to go.

Personally, unless your trying to get around the resource exceeded error or need the massive Excel workbooks, I would simply stick with using the 32-bit version. Why Rock the boat for no reason.


Thanks for your input Daniel.

The reason I need to rock the boat (upgrade to 64 bit) is that my customers are, and they need a 64 bit version of the applications I sell. When installing MS 365, it now defaults to 64 bit. I understand I will need to upgrade the VBA. 

I got the instructions i needed for upgrading Office from a Microsoft sales chat - a primary step is that you need to uninstall Office 32 bit before installing 365 64 bit. The whole process took less than an hour. :)