Access 365 version 2009 build 13231.20262 query design view syntax error

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When I start entering text in the criteria box of the query design view, Access starts making auto-corrections then tells me there is a syntax error. Annoying enough, but the error dialog box will not reset and allow you to change the text. The first screenshot shows the whole Access window. The second one shows that I started to type "like". After the first letter, the editor put quotes around the l, so that when i typed i, it detected a syntax error (which it is) and then punished me by refusing to allow any more use of the database.

I have tried it with several different files and the same thing happens. I have rebooted my machine and updated Office.

I am running Windows Version 10.0.19041 Build 19041


I just discovered this problem today, so I'm assuming it is a bug in the version of Access that was released on Monday. Some assistance please as it makes the query design editor unusable.




Access error 1.pngAccess error 2.png

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@jam_eno  It's been a couple of days. Have you found a solution?


If not, I am looking at that screen shot and seeing what appears to be a cursor placement problem. It looks like, perhaps, you started typing and the cursor hopped back to the initial position for your next letter, leading to the impasse.
When I've seen that problem it boiled down to a timer event running in a form. Disabling that timer eliminated the hopping cursor.

If you have no timer events and if you haven't yet found another solution, post back.

@George Hepworthto answer your questions:

- I had stopped looking as I had more urgent things to do. My work round was to use Accesss 2007.

- your description of the cursor jumping back is exactly what happens. I type the first letter of like then Access immediately puts "" around it giving "l" and the cursor jumps back to the left hand end of the text box in time for me to type i, giving i"l", which is indeed a syntax error.

- no timers are used in the forms in this application, but just to make sure, I closed all the forms so it was only me vs. the Access query design editor. Same effect.


However, your mention that it might be a cursor problem reminded me that I had recently switched on the text cursor indicator in the accessibility settings (see screenshot below if you are not familiar with it. My eyesight is deteriorating and the thing I have most trouble with is seeing where the cursor is). I switched  it off again and the Access problem disappeared.


So, thanks to your post, we got there in the end. I'm not sure what I do now, because I found the TCI helpful. The answer seems to be that Access development is a job for people with good eyesight.


Cheers @George Hepworth , enjoy the rest of your weekend.



I'm glad you found the answer, even if it's not the optimal solution.

I wonder if there's not a different way to highlight the cursor, perhaps color or size, that would help tracking it without the unfortunate side effect.

@George Hepworth 

I have tried the cursor size setting and it helps. I was experimenting with the Text Cursor Indicator. The advantage of the TCI is that it doesn't obscure the text at the point of entry.

The irony is that the TCI didn't even work in Access. It works in the other MS Office applications: Word, Excel , Notepad and the Command window

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For clarity to anyone with the same problem, the solution for me was to turn off the Text Cursor Indicator in the "Ease of Access" settings.


Thanks to @George Hepworth who put me on the right track