Access 365 error msg database is in an inconsistent state,

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My database does not open.  Error msg MS has detected this database in inconsistent state, will attempt to recover the database, and make a backup copy.  Access will then open the new database.  Click OK.  Then msg to open new database and check for accuracy.  But nothing opens.  I'm dead in the water.

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There are a couple of possibilities.

One is that something in your specific environment caused corruption in that specific accdb. More on that below.

The other is that you've fallen victim to a long-running problem that has plagued some Access users. This discussion, although it is rather lengthy, is probably a good place to start.


Some of the reasons for a specific accdb to become corrupted include trying to use it remotely via a Wireless connection, improperly shutting down a running accdb by doing something like power off, or disconnect from a network, and simply things going bad.


If it's the latter, you can try some of the methods outlined here. Allen Browne is retired, but his site is still at the top of the list for basic trouble-shooting.


If you tried to run an accdb via Wireless, you may have experienced the corruption caused by intermittent fluctuations in signal strength.

If you tried to run an accdb from OneDrive or DropBox, they are often the source of problems like this.

Good luck sleuthing out your specific problem.

This may happen when you have a database stored on a network file share, and multiple users are using the database simultaneously.
You can check this question: