Access 2019: needing a mentor

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I am new to databases, and trying to create one for our small business. I would love to find someone who could guide and mentor me in that process. Thus far general web searches have not netted any useful result. Any suggestions as to how to find such a person?

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@wendyw1253 Hi Wendy, you will find a lot of people to help you at, although not specifically a mentor they will answer your questions. I've found in my case was to read a great book on building solutions, but these days you can find YouTube videos if you rather use that. 


Finally, this fall we are starting a new group, Access for beginners, at, I would suggest registering here, it's free:

Thanks Juan!



If you are in Canada Check this website

They offer all kind of courses in class, at client site and remotely

Good Luck

Thanks Nabil.


you might like to subscribe to Crystal's YouTube channel: LearnAccessByCrystal

Great place to start.




I can help you a bit. For free a bit and a lot if you pay me :):) 


I build business solutions on daily bases for a living for about 20 years now. Most of them are (partialy) in Access.  Show me what you came up with so far and I will comment on it and tell you more about what you can encounter in the rest of the development. 


Showing you a link to a course is not the way to go.  Sounds for me like showing someone with a medical issue a link to a course to become a MD/doctor.