Access 2019 how to install a own add in

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my intention is it to use my own vba subs an functions in all opened Databases without setting a reference. I want to use the possibility of a own add in. I renamed a database file with vba code from .accdb to .accda and added the Table USysRegInfo with the often described fields. After this, i started access as administrator, opened a new database and tried to install the add in. But every time access says, "you have not the necessary rights to install the add in, ask your admin!". Some one knows more about this

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The only idea I have would be to locate the msaccess.exe file, right-click and select Run As Administrator, then try again.


Thank you, but this is the way, i did. This was not the problem.  In the meantime, i m one step further. The reason for the error was a bad string for the subkey in the USysRegInfo table . Now i can install and uninstall the add in in the "add in menu" and the item in the available add ins is checked. But in the result is, i see no functions (vba code) from the addin-Database in the vba-editor an the object-browser shows also nothing from the addin-database. There can i find a example for the planed way? On MS  help-pages, i can't find anything to this point.

Did you ever resolve this issue with MS Access add-ins for A2019? I am running into the same problem.


no, nothing happens

@TreDi210   Since posting, I found this video which clarified everything.


thank you, this looks fine. i'll try it.