Access 2016: Format Columns displayed in a combo box Lookup field

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I have a join table that has a combo box lookup field that gets its list from another table. I am showing three numeric fields from the parent table in the combo box. One field is an integer field that displays fine. The second field is a float field that holds a small decimal number that needs to show four significant digits. There is finally a third field that is another integer field. The trouble is that the final two fields are showing a standard decimal format with only two digits, rather then the 4 decimal digits and 0 decimal digits that I need. Is there anyway to format the display properties of the columns in a combo box?


I have tried to define the properties on the fields in the lookup queries (See attached images), but this does not do anything. The changes to the properties on the field are not saved and reset to blank values after the query definition is closed.


Some pictures that may make what I am asking clearer.


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