Access 2016 -- combo box functionality vs data normalization

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I have a database whose primary table tracks events (primary key -- autonumber ID), which have locations, many of which repeat.  The locations table includes a LocationID and the text Location.  One way to display the location would be in a combo box, with Column Count 2, Column Widths 0"; 1".  A problem with that method is that one cannot enter a new Location (not already on the list) without triggering an error.  Thus, it seems that one can employ good data practice (using an ID in the Location table) or have the combo box function of adding a new value.  


Is there a solution to this problem?







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@Joe_Root Microsoft provides a nice example of how to do this in the Northwind database on the Order Details form in the Order Details tab, field Product ID.  You should be able to do this.  Here is the data tab settings from that form, maybe you need to change one of the settings?

@Joe_Root It's a question of data entry, not of data normalization. See the classic sample db Maria referenced for ideas on how to handle the data entry.