Access 2013 Is it time to upgrade to 2019?

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I am beginning to think its time to upgrade, I just would like to know what will happen with access in 3 years time. And has anyone been able to get button images to center back into the Button space as shown in the attached file? The office update of January appeared to be the cause of the change in operation. Nothing critical just a sign of age perhaps. 

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This my opinion only.


I think you should upgrade when a new version offers a "must have" feature that makes it worthwhile. If you are using Access 2013, and have no need for things like support for Large Numbers, for example, upgrading is not essential, but if you DO use SQL Server for a backend and want that support, then it is more essential.



The larger point, of course, is that the time to upgrade is very much dependent on your situation and requirements.

I very much doubt that the problem mentioned with images on buttons has anything to do with "the age" of the Access application. In fact, that particular problem could be introduced into ANY version of Access by an update. I believe, though, that in the initial thread where you brought this up, one of the other posters mentioned the possibility that resizing the button might impact the problem. Am I remembering that right? And if so, did you investigate that?

Truthfully, I'd stick with 2013. The newer versions (2016, 2019, MS365) are full of bugs. 2013 is stable and IMHO good. I wouldn't be rushing out to upgrade unless there was a specific new feature I desperately needed (and even then is think long and hard).