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I have a couple of older computers . . . one running access 2007 and the other running Office 2010.


I recently moved an Access 2007 data base to the 2010 computer.  There was some page movement and error boxes popping up for a few moments . . .  but that all quieted down.


BUT . . . on a couple of my forms I have text boxes that display today's date for the information of the person using that form . . . and it just simply will not pop up correctly no matter how I change the syntax.


Any help would be "a big help" . . . as I thought the old 2007 programming would be updated by the 2010 and all of it is except these stinking little dates.


Thanks for any help you can goss my way.

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what do you mean "will not pop up"? the date picker?
you can try adding any "date" format to your textbox.

@arnel_gp   I go to my form . . . it is used to add money info to the data base:  date / amount / whether it was cash or check / from whom / what group it goes to . . . etc.


I wanted to have today's date displayed, so the person working with it would put in the correct date.


To do this . . . I went to the design view . . .  and made a text box . . . it's name is text 25 . . . and the control source is     =format(date(),"long date")


This works great on the access 2007 and I have it on several places . . . 


When the database was opened (and converted??) in Access 2010 . . . that syntax just refused to work . . .  and I've tried every change I could think of . . . Zero effect.  


I could just cut it off the forms and make the user responsible for the date . . . but I'd rather not.


Thanks . . . appreciate any help.



I'm not aware of any change from 2007 to 2010 in this respect. From the Access view what you tried should work in both versions. Have you checked the Windows date settings on the 2010 computer?


What exactly do you mean by "Zero effect"? What do you see in the control?


To exclude some kind of corruption in your form or database try to do it in a newly created database and form.


You can also try to use the Format property instead of the Format function, i.e. use this in the Controlsource property of the textbox:  =Date()

In the Format property of the textbox open the dropdown and choose the long date format from there. Does this work?


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