Access 2010 and Access 2016 coexisting

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Hi there Access Network!  I have a client that is wanting to know if they can keep Access 2010 installed on their current machines and to install Office Pro Plus (to include Access 2016). Access 2010 is 32-bit and they want to install Access 2016 64-bit and have them both coexist (no time line on migrating forward - yet). They would like to use SCCM to uninstall Office 2010 (minus Access) and install 2016. Any thoughts on this?

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Hi there Dwayne,

As far as I know newer and older versions of office can run side by side but only if the newer version is running in the "Click2Run" format and the older version is an MSI installation. Which I think everything should be because I don't think they introduced Click2Run until 2013. As with using SCCM to uninstall the rest of 2010 I'm not sure exactly how well that will work or even if that's a necessary step.

If you're going to deploy all this via group policy then I'd just suggest creating a Test OU to apply the Policies too and run some small 1-2 user testing.
Best practice is to use a VM but I'm running both with no real issue