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Hello.. I have a customer I'm helping with access 2002. He has changed his company address and I need to make the changes permanent for future invoices he makes. I've never used access and have already done a ton of research but can't find out how to do it. The info I need to change is on a "report"...I however have successfully opened up a report in design view and changed it...but it only shows those changes on past reports, not any new invoices made, still shows old info. I have attached pics of the area. I somehow need how to change info on the master report if there is such a thing...hope that makes sense.

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There aren't different versions of a report. There is a single instance. So if you change it, then it is changed for all cases.

If it is now changed for all old invoices, then you know your change was made properly.

Now, if new invoices still have the wrong information that would indicate either: (i) new invoices use another report, (ii) there is some code in the background making changes dynamically.

Personally, if be checking other reports.


Where and how is the customer's address information stored? It must be in a table in the database and that would be the source from which the invoice report should retrieve it. But it may be stored in other places, perhaps a second table or in a Macro or VBA module.