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  I was standalone.  began with the DOS5.0/WIN3.0,3.1 late December 1991, 3 mos later SDK on 5.25", $300.00 at the mall came with 4 feet of paperbacks, then 3.5" but left CE school because.  Later 2008 got WIN7ultimate bought Access.

anyway this H-P14 laptop is great, having the time,

    Autonumber 1-~45,000, the date, [DaysIWantToKnow]  Add these together to increment from 2/6/1928 in [DateInLife]

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Please state this as a question. It's not at all clear what the required output would be, nor where this expression would appear. What do the Autonumbers have to do with the requirement? What, exactly, is the significance of "DaysIWantToKnow" and "DateInLife"?


Thanks George Hepworth.

Suppose an ACCESS field 'DaysIWantToKnow' were a series of 500,000 days; these days began 250,000 days ago; another ACCESS field, 'DateCertain' could be a shortdate-type...so, how does one write an expression that will accomplish such a thing?

(b) another field might know what day of the week it was/is or will be?


500,000 days. 250,000 days before a specific Date? And 250,000 days after that date?
And DateCertain is what? What are you really doing here? Is this part of a real-world project, or are you just playing with dates?

The direct answer to the question is: WeekDay(YourDateGoeHere, vbSunday). That will return a number from 1 to 7, based on the first day of the week being Sunday. In other words, Weekday(#8/27/2023#,vbSunday) will return 1.

I have no idea how that might relate, though, to what you are trying to accomplish.
Never mind, I'll do it myself.