A checklist using form option

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This is a process in which mechanical parts are listed in an excel sheet. Each part will be reviewed by 2 reviewers. Both the reviewers names will be present along with the part number in the excel. There are a set of steps both the reviewers have to follow which have been listed in a checklist. They have to tick against that step in the checklist after performing that operation. The checklist is a hardcopy and has to be stored. I want to make this process electronic by creating a database for the parts in access and link each part to a checklist template, created by using the form option in access. The reviewers for that part will have access to that checklist while reviewing that part and have to fill it. This checklist should have shared entries from both the reviewers. Is this possible in access?
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Yes it is possible.


You can create a form with a subform. The form contains the parts, the subform the checklist. Point is that you need a few procedures to check if the "required fields" are filled in or not. 

I would say it is not a job for a beginner in Access.