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this is  the  best  day  ever 

and  we  are  working  together  as  a team


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Is someone on a Groups adoption related bonus?

Beginning May 2017, existing groups in your network will be connected to Office 365 and provisioned with Office 365 Group resources.


We've previously locked down group creation to only a few defined persons so

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The “duplication of Team Sites, libraries and One Notes is a headache already, but will only get worse, when Microsoft also will “connect” existing Yammer Groups.


One of

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The "additional info" link provides your answer:


Only groups owned by users with group creation privileges will be connected to O365. In other words, people who cannot cr

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Who is in your group?  Sure you can just look in the UI.  (This is what it looks like)




No problem.  If you would like a list to review, you could always start typing, or maybe copy and paste (with a whole lot of scrolling).  Sounds like fun…  OR, you can

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That's an awesome information @Tom Kretzmer

Brilliant! Thank you for posting, just saved me so much time. Thanks again!

Excellent article - thanks for this.


Is there a way to export ALL network users with this data? It seems there are more columns available via the API rather than the inte

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great experience! thanks a lot for sharing!

Does anyone know of any 3rd party tools that will migrate a customers Yammer to a differnet Tenant?


I have a cuseotmer that is in bad shape. They have migrated from a parnter to Microsoft direct, but now they need there Yammer data. Microsoft has said the

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When Microsoft closed the old YCN Yammer customer network and moved that activity to another Yammer network they used a 3rd party migration tool to move over a large amou... Read More

I noticed a lock icon where the post button normally is - I'm a group admin and have never seen this before... Any insight??



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Hi Tonia...does it look like the attached image? If so, I think that lock icon just serves as a reminder that you are posting to a private group. When posting in a public

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Join @Laurence Lock Lee from SWOOP Analytics and @Chris Slemp Microsoft MVP from Carpool on June 7th at 10a PDT for a free webinar on the five phases of driving change with collaboration data in Yammer. Register here: http://www.swoopanalytics.com/webinars/ 

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Yammer empowers every person in your company with an open space to connect, share and work out loud. With 70 percent annual growth in active groups, there’s greater momentum in Yammer than ever before. Yammer and SharePoint have always been natural comple

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@Eric Starker to @Rob O'Keefe's point... I thought I saw some improvement with links taking the user directly into the conversation and the embed pane looking a bit more

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Just so I am clear, this is not a new Yammer feature correct? It is the Yammer Embed which has not been improved or enhanced in many years.


I would love better integratio

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Exciting to hear about communication sites! Glad to see Yammer legitimized with richer integration with SharePoint.

Dear Yammer community,


Many of you might have been using the Yammer Analytics dashboard which is part of Office365 Adoption Preview (Power BI dashboard) being released and updated by Microsoft lately. I have hard time believing these insights. 


e.g. Offic

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We get the same issue. We can only say 'the raw statistics we get from Yammer are wildly dissimilar; however the trend consistently indicates xyz'.

I think when you create a Yammer group it now creates an O365 Group and Site, but that Group is not accessible from Groups hub.


When you create a Team in MS Teams it creates a O365 Group which you CAN see in Groups Hub.


For us, we created both a Yammer Gr

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Yes correct. However I'm not really sure what you are referring to as the 'Groups Hub' ?


What is the limit of pinned links?

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As an aside, I just added 60 links to a group, only in "Pinned." No warnings, no alerts. I could go all day!
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Brett, I have never experimented with how many links can be added to the "Pinned" group section. But, don't forget links can also be added to the Info box.

Hello, 1100 user tenant. I heard #Joined messages were going away for large orgs but were still seeing them. Any timeline on when they will stop?

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You can also put in a mail transport rule to block these messages:


• Welcome to Yammer email


Block if:
From Domain: Yammer.com
Subject Contains: welcome to the <company nam

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My empirical experience is that the joined messages will stop at 1000 users, but let us know what your expereince is, since there are no official annoucements.

There's never been official word on what the new limit is, but when the network achieves this number, then the posts stop.  Until then, you are welcome to try my method f

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Hi Robert, 


Here's a post from @Juliet Wei (Yammer product team). 


"Yammer is now growing faster than ever and as such we've received feedback from our fastest growin

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Great article Scott - I absolutely agree!

can I set a rule that users cannot turn off yammer announcements, which are automatically sent per e-mail?

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Though they can't turn off announcements, they can turn off notifications from a group, which I believe will prevent group announcement notifications. All network notific... Read More
I don't think it's possible for them to turn them off now. They can unsubscribe from all emails from Yammer except announcements.

How can you move a conversation from one group to another?

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I believe that the ability to move posts from one group to another is in the Yammer roadmap.

This is feature that we would benefit too, and have a number of scenrios where this could have been used.

I can see on the Yammer User Voice that this is planned and in th... Read More

You can't ... at least not yet!

I wrote a little powershell app to remove pending users. I manually run a user export, and then in Excel I sort by status, then deleted_at, and then ID.


See, when someone is invited, that account is in a pre-active state until the account is verified by t

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Thanks, awesome!

Does this method of deletion keep the user messages?

Tom - thanks for this great little script!

One question: From your experience - how long does it take until the removed user no longer appear in the "Suggested People" wid

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