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Hi everyone, 


Please find another usefull script I made helping me to extract the list of yammer group member as a CSV file. It is quite usefull if you need to (some example of use case) : 

* make a backup of group member within a group

* extract the list o

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Hi Ingeborg, here is a write-up on creating your token: https://developer.yammer.com/docs/test-token Read More

Many thanx for sharing @Eric JENOUVRIER


May you help me with this :

- i have a group with 66 members

- when i use your script, the Do section repeats until page 3, and so i

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I'd like to try this, but I have no idea how I can find out what my token value is.


Where can I get that?

After Yammer is activated on your Office 365 tenant, you, as the Office 365 administrator, can control the life cycle for Yammer users from Office 365. When you create users in Office 365, they can log on to Yammer with their Office 365 credentials. When

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We are full 0365 cloud with no on-prem.  Yammer is fully 0365 connected so identity is coming from AzureAD.  Profiles are not syncing properly for some...per the

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[Caveat, I'm not a technical person.]

We're trying to prove out through testing that when we disable a user's AD account, they're O365 account will be disabled and all Yam... Read More

Does anyone know the reasoning behind, or how to control this?


What I navigate to the All Network group in the iOS app, the group heading changes to "All Company" and says Public.


First, the inconsistency between "Network" and "Company", and secondly the

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Hello all,


I'm sure this will have a simple answer...I just can't work it out in my head and we can't test it yet.

We have O365 E3 and a strict no BYOD policy; access via the on-premises network or via vpn and company owned laptops.


If someone installs the

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You can also setup an IP whitelist to only allow connections from your network in the Security section of the Yammer admin area.  The result is that users can login fine

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I'm assuming that your company policies are written and not actually implemented in your Office 365 tenant. Therefore, by default users would be able to access Yammer fro

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Is someone on a Groups adoption related bonus?

Beginning May 2017, existing groups in your network will be connected to Office 365 and provisioned with Office 365 Group resources.


We've previously locked down group creation to only a few defined persons so

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The "additional info" link provides your answer:


Only groups owned by users with group creation privileges will be connected to O365. In other words, people who cannot cr

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Following the roadmap of Office 365 http://fasttrack.microsoft.com/roadmap "Edit post in Yammer : Provides users the ability to edit posts after initial posting while maintaining the discussion thread history." is 'in Development'!

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This is now live.  You can Edit your posts.

Thanks for sharing the update Luc!

This came up on a few threads so wanted to post an official announcment. Yammer just enabled the ability for videos from O365 Video or Microsoft Stream to be played inline directly in Yammer web.


Yammer Inline Play - Full - med.gif


Try it out now…

  • Grab a player page URL from O365 Vide
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I get prompted to login, even though I am obviosuly logged-in. If I click on the login button, I get a pop up that says I am logged in and to refresh the page. Refreshing

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(Broken into 2 parts because of character limit)


Group administrators are an important target for internal marketing for Yammer adoption.  There’s no documented way to get them, but obviously it can be done, since within each group there are a list of acc

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Brilliant guide. Ran into some trouble with my groups.csv, as my separator was set to ; instead of , but, once I changed that, it ran like a charm.


One question thou

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Do you need to be a verified admin to do this? Or can a group admin do this in their groups they manage?

After the Yammer directory sync was deprecated, I am wondering if theres a way to automatically create a yammer user (active), when a new office 365 user is created? Is there a bulk way to update these for all the pending users? Any way to change pending ... Read More
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Are you running Azure Active Directory Connect to populate users in Office 365?
If not - use that as it will do what you want.

This may be very specific, but does anyone know if it's possible to host a Youtube video but limit members from accessing/clicking the link to said Youtube video?


I know, we could always attach the video, but we want to track the number of views - which Y

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Once the video is on YouTube, even unlisted, you don't have much control over that. Does your 365 license cover Office 365 Video? That would let you count views and contr... Read More


Does anyone have information (or information/pages that i can refer to) with regards the data compliance functionalites (such as data monitoring, data export, reporting etc) that Yammer has right now? 

I am working on a project where my client is concer

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Who is in your group?  Sure you can just look in the UI.  (This is what it looks like)




No problem.  If you would like a list to review, you could always start typing, or maybe copy and paste (with a whole lot of scrolling).  Sounds like fun…  OR, you can

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Brilliant! Thank you for posting, just saved me so much time. Thanks again!

Excellent article - thanks for this.


Is there a way to export ALL network users with this data? It seems there are more columns available via the API rather than the inte

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great experience! thanks a lot for sharing!
I followed your instructions, but when I get to "Hit enter and immediately the browser will ask you where you want to save your file" I get the results displayed in the b... Read More

In Yammer. when you share a message from a private group, can someone who is NOT a member of that group see the full conversation unless you add them as a @ mention to the feed, correct? 


Question, is this a KNOWN behavior that needs to be communicated to

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Has anyone found or developed a solution for applying specific retention timescales to posts within Yammer?


E.g.  Need to purge any & all data after 12 months.




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Do you use an analytics package like TyGraph? Using PowerBI it would be easy to create a report then export it and use it as an input file for a powershell deletion scrip... Read More
Nope, but I can think of a solution. Using powershell, use the export API daily to refresh your export of messages. Then write a script.... Import-csv, then foreach-objec... Read More

I am serving a larger external network. We accept company email addresses only. If they are leaving their company, their email address will be deactivated by their company. But what happens with their Yammer account based on their deactivated email addres

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