Rich Text formatting capability in Yammer

Raj Krishnan


For Rich Text formatting capability in Yammer to be available  in o365 tenant as per this link , is "Enforce Identity" security setting in Yammer (or o365 connected Yammer group) a requirement?


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Hi @Raj Krishnan,

Rich Text Formatting is simply the formatting of posts in Yammer and the ability to add formatting features such as bold and italic when posting.

Enforce Identity is about Identity and logging into Yammer

AFAIK the two are completely unrelated and Enforce Identity is not a prerequisite. I would be stunned if how you log into Yammer ever determined if you can use bold and italic on posting a Yammer post.


To note, its a recent feature and Microsoft are currently rolling it out so it could be some time before you actually see it in Yammer (I.e. a few weeks/month). As the article you pointed to shows it started on March 15th - I can't see it in mine yet.

Hope that answers your question.

Best, Chris

Thanks @Christopher Hoard. Will wait then.
I thought may be this feature comes from 'o365 connected groups' for which "Enforce o365 Identity" is a requirement. which is not enabled in our tenant. Hence I posted my question.

@Christopher Hoard I thought every effort was being made to enforce the use of Office 365 security and groups in Yammer. So it would not surprise me if it was a requirement. 


It would be fine if it did not enforce Office groups. Especially if you have office group creation locked down. 



Hi @Philip Worrell,

Hmm, even though the article makes no mention of prerequisites I agree with you - let's get a definitive answer on this

I have just tested it with a demo tenant and enforced office 365 identity - the Office 365 group is created after creating a Yammer group and it did not show the RTF features at all. I will try again periodically to see if that is the case whilst monitoring other tenants which don't have it.

I think a reason I believe it won't is mainly that enforcing Office 365 identities with Yammer means that you can't attach a Team to the Office 365 group. It wouldn't make sense to have features that contradict Teams adoption.

I'll continuing monitoring them and will confirm back when it's 100% conclusive.

Best, Chris

@Raj Krishnan Happy to confirm that Rich Text editing will be coming to all Yammer groups, not just Office 365 Connected groups. Stay tuned! 

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