Yammer API "/search.json" changes

Piotr Bury

Hi everyone,
I have question regarding Yammer API. I noticed that there were some changes in API, now causing malfunctioning of yammer integration in app I'm working on at my company.

We were using https://www.yammer.com/api/v1/search.json endpoint (direct url do documentation: https://developer.yammer.com/docs/searchjson). From the code I can see the part looking more or less like this is missing from returned JSON: 

          "pages": ---
           "title": ---,
           "description: ---,
           "web_url: ---,
           "preview_url: ---,
           "privacy": ---,
           "followers": ---,
           "official": ---,
           "last_published_at": ---,
           "owner_id": ---


I couldn't find any information regarding this update. 

Maybe someone has suggestion what should be done in order to retrieve the same information as before? Some workaround, like another version of the API? 

Best regards

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