The new and improved iPad app

At Yammer, we're always looking to build an experience that allows people to easily engage in the conversations happening across their company, no matter which device they're using. We are pleased to announce the relaunch of the new and improved Yammer iPad app. The iPad app now includes the following updates: 

  • A navigational redesign, which takes advantage of the full screen space on the iPad, such as providing an expanded preview pane for reading messages in your inbox 
  • A new navigation bar located on the bottom of the page, so you can stay on top of messages and notifications that are calling your attention 
  • An enriched groups experience with the same suggestions, new and all tabs, as well as upgraded headers you find in the Yammer web experience 
  • Improved universal search capabilities, so you can easily find the information you need iPad Relaunch GIF.gif


With this set of new capabilities on the iPad, we hope that those of you using Yammer on-the-go will enjoy an easier and more engaging experience. We encourage you to update your iPad app today to take advantage of these new features.  


Great to hear.


Can you please clarify which version of the iPad App is covered by this announcement?


@Kevin Crossman this covers iOS 9 and iOS 10

No, I meant which version of the iPad Yammer app has these features. You rolled out 7.0 a few days ago, which sounds like the major release where these new features might be released. But the 7.0 app release doesn't look like your screenshots.


@Kevin Crossman we recently updated the experiments and you should now see the updated experience in 7.0. Please contact us if you are still not seeing the changes.

Nope still not seeing it.

I've removed my app, and reinstalled (version 7.0.1) - I'm not seeing any of these changes. When should we be expecting them in our tenant?

@Lee Schubert please try to double tap the home button, kill the app, then relaunch the app. 

Thanks Connie - new release has reached us now :)