Yammer helps organizations drive open conversations. Oftentimes, a conversation in one group can easily expand to involve more people and topics than originally planned. For example, a conversation that started between marketers may eventually become more relevant to people in support.


Other times, a question that's posted in one group, may be better answered by experts in another community. For example, questions posted in All Company can be directed towards groups relevant to the topic of the question.


We are happy to announce that you can now move conversations between groups in Yammer! We've listened to your suggestions and feedback, and we're very excited to share this new capability, which is available today.  


You can now move conversations in Yammer to other groups that are more relevant to the topic you're discussing. We know that a major part of managing any community is making sure people can see the conversations that matter to them and getting questions answered quickly, no matter which Yammer group you're in.


 Here's how it works:

  1. Find the post you want to move
  2. Click the overflow menu on the first messagemove conversation.png


    Click Move Conversation
  3. Select destination group and add a reply to the conversation if you would like
  4. Click Move and the conversation will be moved to the new groupmove conversation 2.png


Learn more about move conversations in our support article. As always, feel free to leave comments if you any other questions or feedback.

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Thanks for sharing this update, Connie.


I noticed when I 'moved' one conversation that it didn't move (it remained in the same location); and made a copy of itself in the new location. The conversation I tried to move was just a link I had shared in 2014 (that was all that was in the thread, a link).


This seems to be in contradiction to your FAQ where it says it won't remain in the original location.

I just now tested moving two different posts and both worked wonderfully!


Here's an interesting thing I hadn't expected as a corollary to the FAQ:


Q: Are files moved to the new group? 

A: No, files remain in the original group, but links to the files still appear in the conversation in the new group. 


I plan to be deleting a few groups after I move conversations to more appropriate ones, and wondered if the file would then disappear from the moved conversation in the new group. It didn't! I clicked on the file in the new group's conversation thread, and it took me to the Files location in the deleted group--which remained a deleted group otherwise. I hadn't realized that deleted doesn't mean obliterated. :) 

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Nice feature and its working.

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Do you have to be either the author of the post or an administrator of the group to move the post? or can just anyone in the group choose to move it to another group? 

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Shannon, Anyone who can see the conversation can move it to another group. The user can choose to add a message to explain why the move. A system message will also be generated to indicate who moved the conversation, and this cannot be deleted.
Great feature, but still seems to be buggy. I'm finding that the menu for Groups to move to seems stuck on the first 5 groups that I made in my network. New groups don't show up, and it's been days since the groups have been set up.

@Adam Pope are you still seeing the same conflict, where the conversation duplicates instead of moves? If so, please contact support.


@Andy Lin please note that you should be able to search for other groups (the drop down list just lists 5 suggested groups. If you have tried searching, and your new group still isn't showing up, the group might still be indexing on the backend. However, the new group should show up from the options in a few minutes for most of the time. If it's longer than a day, please raise this to support.


@Connie Woo Wow, thanks, for some reason I didn't realize I could search groups. I wonder if other users will be similarly confused. Maybe change the gray text from "Select a group" to "Select or search for a group"?

Is it possible to move All posts/conversations (not one-by-one) via some button or API, for group content migration purposes? :)


What is the reasoning for allowing any member of the network to move a conversation? We have not promoted this feature given that we do not find it appropriate that any person can move a conversation, even if they are not involved in it at all. This should really be limited to group admins and post authors. Is this an option that MS has considered?


Also, the group admin does not receive any notification when a post in their group is moved into another one - this is important for any community manager to keep track of the conversations happening in their group.