New Yammer conversations web part!

We've just announced on the SharePoint blog that you will now be able to integrate conversations from any Yammer group, topic, user or home feed into any SharePoint page, news article or site with the new Yammer conversations web part. This provides a fully interactive Yammer experience directly in SharePoint.


This new Yammer conversations web part compliments the Yammer Highlights web part already in production (which allows you to show targeted conversation threads). Yammer continues to add a rich social layer for Office 365, and these SharePoint web parts make it easy to add a social element to your pages, news and sites.


Learn more about using Yammer web parts with SharePoint.


 SharePoint_web-parts_001_Yammer-Conversations.pngAdd a fully interactive Yammer conversations web part to any SharePoint page, news article or site.


Our goal is to release to Targeted Release customers in Office 365 by the end of calendar year 2018.


To clarify, after this is rolled out there should be two Yammer web parts: Yammer Highlights (the old one) and Yammer Conversations (the new one). Not one single web part labeled "Yammer", right?


To clarify, after this is rolled out there should be two Yammer web parts: Yammer Highlights (the old one) and Yammer Conversations (the new one). Not one single web part labeled "Yammer", right?



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In this new release, is attachment and Rich text options are enabled?

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Hi Folks,

the plan for these two Yammer webparts was to rollout to targeted released tenants by the end of 2018. I just checked my targeted released tenant but the webparts are still not there.
Does anyone know about the timeline?

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When I use the new Conversations Webpart and select 'Home' I don't see the 'post to yammer' option on top of the webpart.

Is this intended behavior? The classic option shows you input box 'Where are you working on etc'


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Where is the Yammer input box ? when using the new conversations webpart configured with 'Home' showing all posts.

In the classic webpart you are able to select the Yammer group to post to.


A had a great question from someone integrating the new Yammer Web Part on an Intranet News Page. Although the Yammer web part looks great and allows commenting/replying on the Yammer thread without leaving SharePoint... if you view the same conversation on the Yammer app, there is no link back to the page the comment was made on. 


Use case: You have news items where you want to have the Yammer web part embedded on it and targeted to a specific 'Topic' related to the SharePoint News page. The comments make sense when viewed from the SharePoint side, but when viewed from Yammer, they seem disconnected from the page they're commenting on since there is no link back.


Is this by design? A miss? If it's a miss, I'll add it to UserVoice.


Would love other's feedback on this.


I think the use case for Yammer integration is not for "comments on the page" in SharePoint - since there's already a native SharePoint comment mechanism. Rather, it's to present related conversations in Yammer, which should not rely on the "SharePoint context" for people to participate in the conversations.

Hi Kevin, yeah - I *guess* that makes sense - I'm thinking like an end-user and that difference is fairly nuanced. It's something requiring communication since it has the potential of trying to be used as a more sophisticated page/news-specific commenting mechanism. I think by bringing in 'topic'-based content from Yammer related to the modern page it's placed on may be the right way to go, however it has the potential of looking disjointed from the Yammer side if end-users aren't aware they're disconnected. My 2 cents.

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I agree with @Andamuthu_Kaliannan's question about attachment and GIF functionality on the Yammer Conversations web part.  Is that functionality coming?


We're using the Newsfeed on a Classic SharePoint site to function as a social media board.  Pictures and GIFs are a big use case for that.  While looking at moving to Modern SharePoint, I was looking forward to the new web part, but I only see the ability to add text.  To add pictures, it looks like people will have to perform some extra clicks and go to Yammer itself.

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Are there any updates on when it will be rolled out to non-targeted release tenants? The Roadmap item says February 2019. Thank you!