Measure and grow engagement with group insights in Yammer

Yammer helps you engage employees across organizational groups, form communities and run cross-company initiatives. Community managers play a large role in creating and nurturing groups for these purposes. We want to empower community managers to make better decisions around their efforts on Yammer by helping them better understand the activity happening in their groups.


Over the past year, we have made significant progress on helping Office 365 admins gain insights on how people are using Yammer in their organizations through the Office 365 Usage Reporting Dashboard, Office 365 Adoption content pack and Microsoft Graph reporting APIs. These reporting capabilities provide and extensive view into Yammer usage and adoption at the user, device and group levels.


This week, we are excited to release new group insights in Yammer, providing engagement metrics right within Yammer so that community managers and members can get a better understanding of their groups' engagement and activity. This, in turn, will help better inform efforts to improve, grow or execute campaigns in groups.


 View group insights right within YammerView group insights right within Yammer

 Accessible across your network

We have heard extensive feedback that managing a cross-organizational community oftentimes includes the efforts of stakeholders and champions with limited or no access to the information available in the Office 365 admin center. For that reason, insights for public groups can be accessed by anyone in your network by navigating to group actions from the group's feed. Insights for private groups, however, are restricted to members of the group.


 Navigate to group insights under group actionsNavigate to group insights under group actions

People activity in your community

Yammer groups are open by default, allowing the knowledge and information created in them to benefit people regardless of their membership status in the group. Passive visitors may gain value from group conversations and apply the information elsewhere in their daily work. In fact, during early research we discovered that in addition to understanding group member activity, community managers find it beneficial to understand the activity of visitors who are not members of the group. This is why group insights break down activity for both group members and non-members.


With group insights, you get an overview of activity for the last 7 days, 28 days and 12 months. This will help you:

  • Know how many members and non-members are active in the group
  • Observe predominant activity - posting, reading or liking messages - of group members and non-members
  • Get a glimpse of how key metrics - for example, number of active people or the number of posted messages - have changed since the previous period

View group activity for both members and non-membersView group activity for both members and non-members


Group activity over time

Group insights show you how posting, reading and liking activities are trending over time. These visualized trends illustrate the contributions of group members and non-members to activity in the group. Now, you can track engagement with content from campaigns or initiatives hosted in Yammer. Identify spikes in activity over the course of the year, month or week so that you can report back to leaders and optimize efforts.


Observe trends over timeObserve trends over time

All the data shown in group insights is available for download on a per-day basis for the last 24 months, which is particularly useful if you want to plot your own trends over a custom timeframe.


To see a demo of group insights in action along with other community management tools available for Yammer, we encourage you to watch our session Introducing new tools to measure and build your Yammer communities from Microsoft Ignite 2017.


To get more details on group insights in Yammer, please check out our support article.


We are excited to see how you use group insights to better nurture your communities in Yammer. We will continue to evolve group insights using the great feedback from customers and partners. 



Q: What makes a message read?


A: Messages read counts the number of times a conversation - in other words a thread - was read by people in the group. A conversation is counted as read if it appears on screen for the user. However, it is not counted until the user scrolls to the bottom of the message. 


Q: Where can I observe Yammer activity across my entire network? 


A: To observe Yammer user, device and groups activity at a network level, please use the Office 365 Usage Reporting Dashboard and Office 365 Adoption content pack available to Office 365 admins and individuals in your organization with the Reports Reader Role.


Q: What will happen with the legacy Yammer analytics dashboard?


A: The data found in the legacy Yammer analytics dashboard should now be accessed via the Office 365 Usage Reporting Dashboard and Office 365 Usage Analytics. Access to the legacy analytics dashboard in Yammer will be removed on in late November.










Occasional Contributor

Super cool - When will this be out to customer that not is on 1st release ?


This will be available to all customers this week. We are closing up with some testing, and aiming for this Thursday (November 2). 


Do the group insights appear for non Office 365 connected Yammer groups?

This is very exciting! Looking forward to getting this information into our users' hands.

I'm really loving this, can't wait for it to roll out! 


Hey @Nick Ledger, yes, group insights will be shown even for non Office 365 connected groups.

Will this be available for external Yammer groups?

Hi @Julieth Valenciano - Yes, this will be available for external Yammer groups ☺️

Occasional Visitor

Thank you, I appreciate the efforts to give back some level of empowerment to group admins. A few remarks though:

  1. I would find it way more useful to get data about most active users and most liked / responded to messages than about non-members. Is this planned in a near future?
  2. What is the meaning of the percentage progression figure listed next to the absolute numbers? For example, one of my groups has had 3,330 active people over the last 12 months, a progression of 28%... compared to what?
  3. In October 2017, there has been 540 messages posted in this group, but 47,168 read messages and 3,862 liked message. Does it mean that each message was read on average 87 times and liked on average 7 times? And that on average, 8% of read messages are liked? 
  4. Can the full report be exported as a formatted excel file, rather than a .csv?
Regular Visitor

Looks great so far.   Will this also be included for the 'All Company' group or just the standard Public and Private Groups?

New Contributor

Hi @Connie Woo - love this new feature! It's just appeared in our network today.


A good question from someone in my network though. What makes a message 'read', according to Group Insights? 


For example... If you're a group member, you might see the message in your main Yammer home feed - without needing to visit the group. If I scroll down my Yammer home feed, passing this group message, does that constitute as a 'message read' from a group member? 


Or is a 'message read' only counted when I'm inside the group in question? Again, is this based on me scrolling past the message inside the group? Or is a message read only counted when I 'do something' inside the message, or somehow view the full conversation? 


I think I know the answer, but just want to check first so I can provide the best answer to my inquisitive Yammerati :)

Occasional Contributor

I posed a few questions about this feature in this post:


  • Can someone please confirm if "messages posted" is defined as simply the original post or original post + replies?
  • If a user leaves the organization at some point during the reporting period, is their activity still counted if they performed any actions in the group (assuming their Yammer account was deactivated)?


Frequent Visitor

Great feature! Though how does the analytics engine determine when a post has been read?

This feature is great and a boon to group admins.  Thank you!


@Celine Schillinger, a report such as what you mentioned in item 1.) is readily available through 3rd-party Yammer reporting tools.  Such reports wouldn't be appropriate for some organizations.  For item 4.), just open the CSV in Excel, format as you'd like and save as a spreadsheet.  :)  CSV's are way more handy for running custom applications against.

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We don't use Office 365 only Yammer.

How can we get these great insights for 'All Company'?


Occasional Contributor

Based on the questions posed above, will a revised FAQ be shared? We still have questions coming in from users that we're looking to clarify. Thanks!


All great questions everyone! Thanks for your engagement!


@Celine Schillinger

  1. We'll continue to iterate on group insights. Most active users and most liked/responded messages is something we're taking as feedback.
  2. The "percentage progression figure" you reference - or change indicators - should be a comparison between time periods. So in the 12 months view it compares to the 12 months prior to the last 12 months.
  3. That would seem to be an accurate calculation. I think you can get a sense for the story when you start to look at the nature of the group. Example - in "organizational" groups where activity is centered more around corporate communications, announcements, etc run by a central hub, it would not be surprising that the activity tends to be more focused on consumption rather active posting.
  4. Currently it's available as csv only.

@Simon Brown and @Harrie Baas group insights is not available right now for All Company, but we have heard your feedback and are considering for future versions.


@Mark Allotey I just updated the FAQ in this blog post and we will update the support article to clarify. Messages read counts the number of times a conversation - in other words a thread - was read by people in the group. A conversation is counted as read if it appears on screen for the user. However, it is not counted until the user scrolls to the bottom of the message. The message is counted as read no matter where you see it - discovery feed, all feed, following feed, inbox or group feed.


@Shawna Jackson messages posted is inclusive of the original post and replies. If a user leaves the organization, their activity is still counted. We do not retroactively delete their activity counts.




+1 on the All Company consideration!


These are great insights into the insights; I will pass them along to my peeps. Thank you!

New Contributor

Great response! Thanks @Connie Woo.


I have a counter question, that might require a further tweaking to the Q&A. 


Where you say: "A conversation is counted as read if it appears on screen for the user. However, it is not counted until the user scrolls to the bottom of the message."


If a message is long, and has the 'expand' link, it clearly means you need to click that link to read the full message. So if you scroll past that un-expanded message, does that still count as a read? For me, that proves it hasn't been read, so I would expect that does not count as a read. 


@Mark Allotey - currently, we count the read at the thread level, so you won't have to expand the conversation for it to be counted as read. We are exploring how to get down to the individual reply level, but as you can imagine, that's more complex to do with a read (vs., a post or a like where the user takes the explicit action). Would be interested to learn about what the value of read count at the individual reply level would be to you, as we continue to explore.

Connie, can you link in the text above (second paragraph) the blog posts or support articles that tell us more about the:

  • Office 365 Usage Reporting Dashboard
  • Office 365 Adoption content pack
  • Microsoft Graph reporting APIs.