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using skype4Business as Instant messaging tool within yammer.

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Hi Shiva, thanks! keep in mind that things might change, but our current direction is to evolve Online Now and Private Messages, making Private Messages a bit more promin... Read More

Hi @Shiva Bachina is this a feature request?

That’s a wrap! Thank you for joining us for this AMA live hour. We will create a summary of what was covered today and share it here.


Thank you for the engaging conversation and a BIG THANK YOU to our amazing Yammer MVPs!


Next up: Take a look at the Work Out Loud on Yammer: 7-Day Challenge

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Hey everyone, 


It looks like the summary didn't get shared here. Attached is a Word Doc with an overview of the conversation. My apologies! 


CC: @Simon Terry

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That was great!  Thanks, everyone for participating!

Thanks so much! Great stuff and I will be going back and reading everyone's replies again later this week for more cognitive power (when not sitting in a deep dive develo

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 A lot of fun as always!  Loved the interaction and great to have the Yammer MVPs in the room with us!

Great fun!!!

Q5: For those who have practiced Working out Loud, what has been a favorite moment or big win?


What are you doing to encourage Working out Loud?

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Lots of interviews from Working Out Loud practitioners on the http://wolweek.com site where they describe wins and their experiences. Look for Working Out Loud in Action. Read More

International Working Out Loud Week is itself an outcome of working out loud.  Jonathan Anthony, Austen Hunter and I proposed the idea in a conversation in the predecesso

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I wouldn't be doing what I do without working out loud. It has saved so much time. I have learned so much that I would never have realised. It has connected me with globa

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When a colleague, entirely unencouraged by me (as in, I found out that he was doing this at the same time as everyone else), decided to give Yammer a try with one of thos

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I've been thinking more about how to encourage this behavior at Cargill, even as I constantly wrestle to change my own behavior.


In addition to the "Tiny Habits" method m

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Q4: How does Yammer help your organization Work out Loud? What features should admins and leaders be aware of?

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Yammer is key in our organization for 2-way dialogue and transparency throughout the company. We guide employees to use Yammer to find expertise, people, and information ... Read More
I find these features helpful: Polls - Get votes and opinions fast! Praise - Celebrate each others' progress to keep the ball rolling. Group Notes & Files - Keep meeting ... Read More

We are a geographically dispersed team. Our best practice  only hope to survive is to thoughtfully and purposefully work in a project-specific group. When we on-board new

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It allows work groups to create themselves, organically.  What other tool does that?  I, the data consumer, the data creator, decide what information is pertinent to my w

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I've also done much work with guiding people to just look at their own pertinent groups, if they find that the Home feed is too much for them. People have different toler

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Q6: Any other questions or topics you would like to ask the MVPs and product team?

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First impression: Looks super fun to use! Second impression: Good stuff, but for me, Yammer is the place for serendipitous discovery and collaboration and for building a ... Read More
Thank you guys and @simonterry @ragnarheil for arranging this event during #WOLweek. It was great to start using this new network #yamjamstyley but it has some quirky fea... Read More

Why cant we take election votes on Yammer :P...


jokes aside, keep up the good work and keep us engaged, we are the front line people taking the hits in the field. Life is

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How do you apply to be a Yammer MVP?
I would love to hear the MVPs fist take on Teams. Just like your first impression. Then your second. Thanks!

Yammer is a great location to capture user feedback through survery polls. Polls could be more efficient by including more features, such as poll details, option to select multipe options in polls, polling through clients like Outlook or Skype to capture

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Would it be more useful for poll data to be anonymous or not? Should it be exportable? What would be helpful? Agree that there is opportunity for more integration with th... Read More

Hi Shiva,


We are working on bringing polls to mobile - iOS recently rolled out, and we will be bringing polls to Android as well.


Thanks for your suggestions in terms

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Q3: What are the barriers to Working Out Loud that you’ve come across? How did you overcome them?


Question 4 has been posted!

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Similar to what others have said, I think it takes some getting used to seeing information appear in a conversation that you haven't been able to talk to your team about ... Read More
Amen on fears, Melanie. Posting in public is akin to kissing spiders to some folk.

As I was learning the power of working out loud, my biggest barrier is concern about how people will interpret what I say.  Will they think me foolish for not knowing thi

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Barrier: Trust. People do business with people they know, like and trust. Building that trust is the foundation to working out loud. That's why community management is so

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Adding on to @Allison Michels above, when posting, are you trying to be interesting or are you interested? Reminds me of those early social collab debates we had back in ... Read More

So you said ask anything about Yammer. When might we edit posts? And why has it taken so long when your competitors appear to have it as standard. Thanks!

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Thank you for your honesty. We all wish the teams good luck. I will share Steve's post.

We have a team of engineers hard at work on it! It's a super complex project that is touching a lot of the Yammer systems. Due to this complexity, it's unfortunately stil

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When will I have better file access in the Yammer mobile app? Its a painful process to upload files through the mobile app and for our disconnected workforce who will mostly use mobile devices this is a limitation to adoption.

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Hi Mark,


One of our highest priorities for the next few months is getting our mobile apps to parity with the web version of Yammer, meaning that you would be able to ma

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Q2: How does Working out Loud make you and your organization more successful?


Question 3 is now up!

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Working out loud makes individuals and the company more successful by being able to see, understand, and influence content during the creation process. Mirroring an agile

... Read More
One facet I particularly enjoy is how excited everyone gets when we're brainstorming--even when it's one of those unscheduled, just happened to stop by your cube kind of ... Read More
Vision: It can help accelerate product issues in the supply chain from R&D, Manufacturing to Sales & Marketing by getting to the heart of issues from warehouse to logisti... Read More
Well, I and many of my team members approach problems and tasks with a "there is a lot I don't know yet" sort of attitude. This way, we get a lot out of working out loud.... Read More
When people share what they know, they don't often know who will be helped by that information. By working out loud, a person you've never met, never seen, possibly will ... Read More

Q1: To start, what does Working out Loud mean to you?


Question Two is live here

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This is working out loud! This is us! @Lana O'Brien @Anna Chu, @Angus Florance, @Michael Holste, @Melanie Hohertz, @Steve Nguyen, @Maddie Egan

Yammer AMA in Redmond 8 November 2016Yammer AMA in Redmond 8 Nove

... Read More
John Stepper describes five elements of working out loud: Visible Work, Generosity, Relationships, Purposeful Discovery and a Growth Mindset. See http://workingoutloud.com/blog/the-5-elements-of-working-out-loud-revisited Read More
For me, working out loud is giving others on your immediate team, and even others on other teams across your org, the chance to positively impact your work--before the fi... Read More
To me, Working Out Loud is about teamwork. It brings your teammates into your world and shares not only context, but responsibility for the bigger picture and how your wo... Read More
Helps to nurture an organizations cultural DNA by allowing an authentic genuine employee/team voice, hopefully demonstrating the right behaviors and values and at the sam... Read More

Welcome to this special-edition Working Out Loud Week AMA! We’re incredibly excited to have both Yammer MVPs and Yammer Product Team members in the room help to answer questions and discuss Working Out Loud!   


For this AMA, we have a series of question

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Hi from Brighton, UK
Hey team! Jumping in to say hi and speak all things community, training, social. You know ALL THE THINGS.

Hey y'all. It's Amy Dolzine here from EY. Sitting in Redmond at the Microsoft MVP Global Summit. Very fun to be here! 

Question one is now live! Here's the thread

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Happy Birthday @Lana O'Brien :smileylol: Thanks for all that you do!


Naomi Moneypenny, CTO at https://StreamingItOutLoud.com and huge believer in Working Out Loud checkin

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Join Yammer MVPs for an Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA)!


This AMA is the opportunity to ask questions about Working Out Loud (WOL) with the Yammer MVPs and product team!


Join us at 11am PT on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Add the event to your calendar here

... Read More
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Welcome everyone! :)

Looking forward to a great conversation!

Hi @Lana O'Brien. Might you edit the post and add the link, to make it clickable from the post? I'm lazy and can't be bothered typing https://aka.ms/ama/yammer

Bother, I

... Read More
Really looking forward to this conversation. This is a great topic of discussion for Working Out Loud Week.