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Is there any way you can prompt users to include an @ mention for photos you upload in Yammer? It's so easy to post, and so easy to forget to @ mention those included.

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I'm thinking about ways in which we can encourage people to @mention more. With that said, I haven't given much thought to this use case. I'm going to add this to my back

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What are the plans to include the yammer workloads in the Data Loss Prevention polices?

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Now with connected groups, as people are saving documents to the connected doc library, you'll take advantage of DLP as it's configured for your SharePoint environment. S... Read More

Many of us saw the roadmaps from the SharePoint Virtual Summit with features like communication sites that include integration with Yammer.


What are you most excited about with the Yammer and Office 365 roadmap as we approach Microsoft Ignite later in the

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Thanks, for the great responses and the subsequent discussion.  Thanks especially to @Steve Nguyen, @Pradeep GanapathyRaj, @Michael Holste, @Angus Florance and @Ron Blandford

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It's exiting to see how far we've come with integrating Yammer into the rest of the Office 365 suite. Over the past few years, the number of items (document creation, co-... Read More
hello everyone how do you use Yammer for external users users (i want to work with my customer)

We are in the process of identifying the best integration scenarios between Yammer and SharePoint. Our goal is to ensure that these integration points will always be firs

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How does Yammer stay relevant? By being the only conversation-engine that's focused on transparency and the associated cultural changes. I said in a recent Tweet Chat tha... Read More

Is there an issue pulling in live previews?


It seems that Yammer starts to pull in the live preview:


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 12.13.21 PM.png



But when I post it does this weird thing with a blank puzzle icon:


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 12.13.30 PM.png

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Can we have you open up a support case so we can take a look? 


@Bill Kaupp

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Don't shoot the messenger :-)....


One frequent comment I get from "Teams" adopters is the visually appealing marketing and training materials avaialable. Any plans to update new training/marketing content for Yammer?

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Poor Yammer, we used to be the elephant in the room, now we're the poor cousin. Pleased to hear new material is coming out Steve.

Agreed, the Microsoft Teams guys has lots of resources at go-live as well as a dedicated site.  Is there much Yammer docs on FastTrack as one example?

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Yes, we're actively working on updating much of the content. We're targeting end of June first part of July to make this new content available.
Best Response confirmed by Lillian Diaz (Frequent Contributor)
That Teams rollout material was excellent.
I agree 100% with this. The Teams training material and T-Bot are incredibly useful and saves us having to recreate our own support material. It would be great to see thi... Read More

Why is it not possible from Sharepoint Home and from Azure to choose Yammer as the conversational mode in a Connected Group - instead of Outlook? This should be the free choice both for companies and for site admins.

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agreed 💯
Absolutely! We agree this should be a choice from SharePoint and the O365 Admin Portal. This is on our roadmap.

How do you see skype integration, and Yammer private messages working together? 

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Great question. From our user research we find that when users are in Yammer, they may see something interesting, and may quickly share it with someone else - right in Ya... Read More
Check out Pradeep's response in this thread, Nick. Good to "see" you! https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Yammer-AMA/New-look-and-features-expectations/m-p/72310#M629 Read More
What is the integration road map
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Hello - we have a broad plan around O365 integration here: http://aka.ms/yamo365.  We are making some specific improvements as well:

-Suite Connected Yammer Groups have s

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What's the interest in integration, George? Integration with what? Last week, they announced the introduction of "Connectors" in Yammer groups (ported over from Outlook/T

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We are new to O365 and I have lots of staff asking about the future of Yammer since MS Teams has gone live.


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Small organization, 1000 users and very new to O365.

I would agree with Microsoft's guidance on this.


MS Teams is oriented around smaller groups of people who have a high volume of messages. Project or development teams are

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If it helps David, in my company we're focusing on Yammer as our wider open community platform whilst looking at using teams/groups for smaller collaboration areas like p

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What questions are your staff asking? We still see Yammer as the primary place where people in your company can connect broadly across the organization. Teams is about th... Read More
Mind me asking what the nature of the questions are? Have they experienced both tools? How large is your organization?

We've been planning for this event which is still in development. How imminent is it? How will roll out work? Will first release be leveraged at all?

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Geoffrey, I'm interested in what your plans have considered? Are you concerned about a potentially much larger list of groups people will be exposed to when going to othe... Read More

Existing Yammer groups are already being connected to their Office 365 counterparts under a controlled rollout, so I'd say it's quite imminent ;)


First release is not b

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In the mobile app, for a while there you could write on pictures that you uploaded in the mobile app. Arrows and circles on screen shots help sometimes - but now...that's not working. Can you bring that back?

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Still works for me but it's a little unintuitive to hit the very small pencil icon in the upper left when choosing photos from your photo library.
Looks like some changes were made in the not too distant past around the photo upload experience on iOS. Looks like you have to go into the full size preview in the galle... Read More
I'm still able to do this in the iOS app. Which app are you using?

I didn't catch this in the Yammer updates (SP Summit) and was wondering if Yammer's embed, searchability, meta data will all be enhanced with the new communication sites. Will users have more freedom to choose size, position, group display in SP? Any Yamm

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Would also draw your attention to a similar question: 


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Best Response confirmed by Lillian Diaz (Frequent Contributor)

Lillian, I think these questions were answered in the video from @Angus Florance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuP411h0kMw 

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This is the single most important screen real-estate and you took it away. Feel free to use the space the lovely RED BANNER consumes across our screens. Why not insert it like we do for external networks? Why do we not have control over our user experienc... Read More
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hi Lee - thanks for the feedback. May be you already know - but you can customize the O365 banner https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Customize-the-Office-365-theme-for-your-organization-8275da91-7a48-4591-94ab-3123a3f79530

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I miss this too. I'm testing the Yammer Desktop app now - and it's completely missing for ALL networks (home or external) so I find it very hard to know where I am someti

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Thank you for joining us and voicing your questions and feedback during this fun and action-packed hour.  


We will put together a summary document of what was covered during and share it in this group. See you next time!

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Thanks all, it's useful for us to be able to ask you these types of questions directly and really appreciate the honest and open responses.

Are there any plans to provision email addresses (and calendars) alongside Office 365 connected Yammer groups?

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Thanks Jyothi, I meant more to keep the O365 groups experience more consistent rather than to email the group to post. The main difference at the moment between the O365 ... Read More

We already support posting by email using group's email address. We do not have a specific date for calendar integration but it is in our roadmap.

Just curious if there is any updates or enhancement plans for external Yammer networks?

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Thanks for the feedback. Currently there are no plans here. Would love to know if there is anything specific you have in mind.
Yes please, I've invested so much time into external networks but they still look like they did in 2015.

We saw really awesome features in the 2016 Ignite sessions regarding Yammer look and feel, specialy with network headers pictures, and All company header modification options. We really are expecting on this new features. Are they in the roadmap? When are

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We'd love to be able to change the All Company group image.

Skype integration with Yammer - we are redefining the Private Message experience in Yammer, and have Skype Integration very much in our roadmap. More info here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Yammer-Blog/Improvements-to-the-Private-Messaging-Experience-in-Yammer/ba-p/33161

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We've shipped group headers already with new patterns and the way attachments like links, videos, images and documents have all shipped too. Customising All Company is on... Read More

How are you using Yammer? What stories do you have where people have connected in ways that may not have been possible otherwise? How is Yammer transforming the way your organization communicates?

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Yammer for us was to bring parts of the organisation that don’t always talk to each other (or interact much) together, sharing experiences and best practices, making staf

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Yammer is somewhat akin to Twitter in our org. A place to share insights with anyone in the company, or to engage in open discussions with anyone.


Just this week we had s

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For us, connecting our global regions together through Yammer has really helped break down some quite traditional silos around information and collaborating. We ran a rap

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As a consultancy, we're using external groups with all of our clients. It's a great way to maintain a history of the project as consultants or client contacts roll on/off... Read More

I'm loving Yammer Connectors! However, they'd be even more useful in the external groups we use with our clients (e.g. sending completed tasks from Asana or closed tix from ZenDesk to the group). Is extending that feature to external groups on the backlog

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Making external groups connected to an Office 365 group is in the roadmap. Once we get there, we should be 90% of the way towards getting Yammer Connectors on those too.
Best Response confirmed by Chris Slemp (MVP)

So, for those of us who demo our screens often - doing screen shots or taking video demos, it isn't always great to show the names of the people on the left hand nav with whom you're having private conversations. It would be great if we could "mask" them

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As an aside, we are making some tweaks to the private messaging experience which u should see rolling out soon: -We saw that users weren't noticing updates to their priva... Read More

Hi Amy - I think we talked about this when you were here for the MVP summit. I understand the situation, but as u know, this applies when you are taking screenshots of sa

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I'd love to clear these out too.


From a screenshot perspective, with these appearing at the bottom of the left pane it is easy to crop that out. Doesn't work for live dem

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So I have been trying to follow the Yammer Dynamic groups story, and I'm still a little confused. In order to take advantage of Yammer Dynamic groups, do you need to also be using Office 365 groups? Do you need to have Outlook groups enabled? Or, can you

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Thank you Adrienne and Kevin. Really helpful.

Basically, O365 Groups are getting dynamic membership. And for Yammer Groups based on O365 Groups membership, you now get dynamic membership as well.


For sure it's a grea

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Yes. The Yammer group must be connected to O365 before its membership can be changed to have dynamic membership. You must also have a license for Active Directory Premium... Read More

Are there size or other limitations to the scope of a dynamic group? Given that Yammer is for company-wide scenarios, I can imagine several scenarios where multiple organizations within a company all want to create a dynamic group that includes the whole

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Currently, Dynamic groups have a membership limit of 100,000 members in Yammer. You can have more members in O365 but those members will not be synced into Yammer. https://support.office.com/en-gb/article/Dynamic-groups-in-Yammer-6d2a6ec7-1d65-46bb-b253-1bf441ec80a5 Read More

Don't know if this is what you were after -


"Dynamic groups in Yammer have a 100K member limit. After 100K members, new members will not be synced to the group in Yammer.

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Best Response confirmed by Chris Slemp (MVP)
When will O365 Admin be inclusive? Currently our Yammer VA do not have any roles, and therefore can't access the basic usage data for Yammer in the admin portal.
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Yammer Dynamic Groups - another area the Yammer VA has no access too.
Yammer has gone from no dependency on IT, to O365 Admin command and control. I can't help but speculate, that the role will disappear in the coming year.
There really should be support for a "Yammer Admin" role in O365 Admins, like there is for a SharePoint Admin.
It is a popular feature request and is on our roadmap but we do not have any timelines to announce yet.

Yammer results in Intranet search were instrumental to Yammer's success at a previous organization. What are the plans to increase visibility and exposure to the actual *conversations* happening in Yammer to audiences who may not be frequenting Yammer?



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Can you imagine a MyAnalytics dashboard that showed your connections and response rates across all your conversations: mail / Yammer / Teams? <shiver>
We're getting ready to roll out a "Discovery" email notification. We've had good engagement with that and it's a new way we hope to help people find conversations on Yamm... Read More

Are there any plans to improve the way sharing happens in Yammer? If I share a post with an image for example into another group, the preview doesn't show the image (which is often the most important bit).

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I'm currently in the process of improving the messaging experience in Yammer, and I have a backlog of like 60 different ideas that we could work on. Totally agree with yo

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Best Response confirmed by Nick Ledger (Contributor)