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Published in October, this playbook from Microsoft downloads is a fascinating insight for analysts and change management practitioners both as a subject and insights into Workplace Analytics - even for those of us without access to the product. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=55576 Read More
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I remember seeing a presentation from two years ago previewing a feature to visualise the connectvity between groups. 

Signals from Email, Meetings, Skype for Business, and Yammer would all be used to show the strength of connection. The visualisation look

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My name is Alberto, and it´s my first time with WorkPlace Analytics. Do you know if MS Power Bi has any connector to WorkPlace?. Can i obtain this metrics from W

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Hi Andrew, This is definitely on the roadmap and coming soon but not as the original visualisation you captured. My understanding is that we might be seeing this as soon ... Read More
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Hello Workplace Analytics community! We want to partner with you to create an exciting new analytics category that will revolutionize the way people work and transform the way companies are managed. July 5th, WpA launch day, is just the beginning of a tra

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Hi Riddhi--Unfortunately, Workplace Analytics isn't included in the adoption pack and is currently only available for large organizations. We look forward to expanding ou... Read More
Hi @Riddhi, I apologize for the extremely delayed response! Unfortunately, we don't offer a demo environment for Workplace Analytics at this time. I'd recommend checking ... Read More

What's the target organization size for this? It looks like it's geared towards enterprise or medium/large sized businesses with 1,000+ employees. We're just a little 125

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Hi Nathan, Just discovered this community. As you may have noted it wasn't showing here! A couple of questions, if I may:


  • The Office Blog entry clearly states that Workpl
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Congratulations on this milestone!


We are starting it up as we speak!


Is there an API into the analytics that I could use to combine the office 365 workplace analytics in

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Check out this network graph from Bain & Co., which used Workplace Analytics to demonstrate the disconnectedness of its product and services sales groups... Customers were complaining about the disjointed approach of the company's salespeople. How would y

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I found this interesting, so I am sharing this video here, it's with Ryan Fuller GM of Workplace Analytics, it provides a great overview of Workplace Analytics and a demo, then moves on to a section about commercial excellence and then finishes with a cas

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Hi Cian, Thanks for sharing! I think this video with Ryan is fantastic and provides a very well-rounded view into Workplace Analytics capabilities and applications.

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Hi all--we're looking forward to joining you at Microsoft Ignite and Envision at the end of September. I'll provide specific times and locations for our sessions once they come available. Please reach out to us if you'd like to meet up in person while the

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