Sharing is now available in MyAnalytics!

We are excited to announce that sharing is now available within MyAnalytics!


Have you ever tried to do something new? Most of us have been there.. training for a marathon, a new approach to your work, or a new-found commitment to regular practice of a favorite hobby? We know that when you share your new goal with others you are much more likely to stick with it. Sharing your analytics to create better work habits works the same way.


You can now select a portion, summary or full overview of your personal productivity insights from MyAnalytics and share it with others in your organization. Whether a peer, mentor or manager – sharing can help drive change with others, help you get support for your goals, or drive critical conversations around priorities, load balancing and work life balance.




Early MyAnalytics customers provided feedback that showed the power of making change together. Working together this customer was able to reclaim up to four hours per work week per employee from low value email and meetings.


This team used a weekly meeting to openly share their analytics and track progress against goals they had set as a team for meeting quality, after hours work, and focus time during the work week. Now all MyAnalytics customers will be able to take that same group based approach to norms and work culture using the sharing feature.


Try it out, send us feedback and share your analytics with others in your organization to see what new initiatives and ways of working it will inspire!


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Great stuff @Nick Robinson! Having tried this out what I would like to do is share this within an Office 365 Group or Microsoft Teams. This seems more natural than email now. Thanks!