Word hangs for about 20s when pasting text the first time

Markus Bundschuh
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Hi all,

I have a strange issue with Word 2016 (Office 365) of one of my customers. When Word 2016 is opened the first time the user pastes in content via clipboard, word hangs for about 20-30 seconds and remains unresponisve for this time. All following copy&paste actions occur as fast as expected until Word is closed and reopened again. The issue occurs on all computers of the customer and it does not matter if plain text or a complex object is pasted. The customer uses Lenovo ThinkCentre Workstations (relatively new hardware of 2017), Windows 10 1703 with all patches applied and newest Office 2016 from their Office 365 tenant.


I already tried checking/disabling AddIns/Plugins and creating a new without success. If Word is opened in safe mode, the issue does not occur.


Has anybody experienced the same behaviour and a solution to this or an idea what I can try/check?




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Hi @Markus Bundschuh,


Are you copying/pasting plain text? Can you try copying text form notepad? Do you still get the long delay?


I've seen this kind of delay when you try to copy text from a website.

Hi Pieter,


yes, the problem occurs when I paste plain text from notepad. It seems that it happens regardless of the application the copy action takes place (tested to copy from Outlook and Edge).






Problem is solved:

Affected: Office 2016 Click to Run Version 1710 Build 8625.2139 Katharina and probably some minor versions before


Solution: Update to the latest Version Version 1711 (Build 8730.2127) of 12th Dec. 2017.



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