iOS RD Client crashes

Joachim Løe
Occasional Contributor

iPad - iOS 12.4
Remote Desktop


Subscription to the feed works fine with authentication and everything.
When initiating the connection to the Virtual Desktop, the app crashes.
No error message.

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@Joachim Løe 

I uninstalled the RD Client app and then installed the RD Client Beta app from the Play store. And started working fine for me. Hopefully works for you as well.



Android works perfectly and MS offers the RD Client (Beta) on Play Store (Google). The RD Client (beta) is not available through App Store (Apple).


When you said "Play Store", i automatically thought Android.
But then i started thinking you just said play store, meaning App Store.

So I found this link regarding RD Client Beta on Apple using the "TestFlight" for iOS.
This was new to me.

The client is now tested and verified.
It works.


iPad - iOS - 12.4

RD Client Beta - Version : 9.4.0 (3009)


@Joachim Løe thanks, i had same problem and i solved with beta app.


do you know, when put app in App Store?


or what happen with it, when past 88 days?





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