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I created successfully a tenant + hostpool + WVD via Azure Marketplace. Then I Published some remote apps via powershell. That works fine in the web client + RemoteDesktopApp. But how can I connect to the Windows 10 Machines? Is there any option, to manage the URL for the Remote Desktop Gateway server in my deployment?

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@eriknu : Can you clarify what you mean by "But how can I connect to the Windows 10 Machines?" ? Are you saying that you see the applications in the web client and the Remote Desktop client (for Windows 7 and Windows 10) but you are unable to actually create the connection?

Yes, thats exactly what I mean.

@eriknu"Download the latest Windows Remote Desktop client and subscribe to the feed using the following URL: Once subscribed, you will find the virtualized apps and desktops in the Start menu." Plug from the blog:

@eriknu : Thanks for confirming. One thing you can do is query the diagnostics, and that should help narrow down the error you're seeing: .

thanks for your support. I had a lot of calls and tests. Now I found the issue: I deployed a wrong RdsAppGroup. There are two different options in "ResourceType": RemoteApp + Desktop. On my first deployment i chosed "RemoteApp", but I need "Desktop" -> Example 2:
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