How to add a new host to WVD hostpool?

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I've successfully built two 2 hostpools for testing purposes -- one for shared and one for personalized. The shared one consists of 1 D8s VM and the personal one consists of 5 individual smaller D2s VMs. Now, I need to test the scenarios with additional users, but I can't find any resources to scale out, whether using the portal or using the RDS PS module. Does anyone know how to add additional hosts to a hostpool? I have a "gold image" built already, which can be used to spin up additional VMs manually, but how to add them to a pool?

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You should find your answer here:

Scroll down to the section create virtual machines for the host pool.

@Eva Seydl 


I followed those directions multiple times and it is not working. The only VM that shows in the host pool is the first one I created. I'm on number 5 now.

@ahesterTX Same problem over here, i do not see them

@ahesterTX : We understand that it's not quite as simple today, so thanks for testing and the feedback. We're working on documenting this so it's easier to add VMs later to a host pool.



Hi Christian, are there any timescales for this? The scaling out feature is one that I think would be great to have especially for personal desktops.


@gerry_1974 : No timetable for this, as we need to formalize it and confirm the scenarios. However, if you ran the ARM template, you basically Redeploy from Azure, enter the same parameters, but just change the RdshNumberOfInstances to the total value you want.

@EvdL99 I tryed it, too. Didn't work...


The steps i've made are: 


  1. Create a VM with the same image as the other VM
  2. Join VM to Domain
  3. Installed WVDA and entered token from Export-RdsRegistrationInfo
  4. Installed WVDABootloader

When i try to login via RD-App (original VM off) it says "no available resources". Shouldn't the VM be addet to the AvailabilityGroup in the ResourceGroup or at least the loadbalancer somehow? 

@W_Palm : Can you go to PowerShell and run Get-RdsSessionHost for your host pool? Can you see if your session host VM is listed there?

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