Convert UPD to FSLogix container

Roger Critz
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We are wanting to move our users from RDS to WVD without losing or redoing the the profiles. Is there a way to convert the traditional RDS UPD profile (VHD) to a FSLogix profile container (Would like to make it a VHDX, if that is not possible then VHD to VHD)?


Thank you in advance..

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@Roger Critz we will be starting a private preview for a PowerShell script to accomplish this.  I will post the specifics here when available.  The Private Preview will be for those moving from on-prem to WVD, which is the use case you describe.  The current plan is for this PowerShell to ultimately move to an open source repo to be extended by the community.  Thanks!

@Doug_CoombsI would also like that

Great to hear! I'm interested in previewing/testing this out as well.


I would love to use this also

Does the script also work for other UPD connectors like the once created by Parallels?

Hi. Would also like to see a MS UPD to FSLogix container script or process please.

@Roger Critz 

@Doug_Coombs can I have preview please?

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