Windows 2016 standard Hyper-v feature

Sami Turki
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  • Windows 2016 Standard with Hyper-V feature enabled. that server has 4 NIC that I joined in a LACP trunk configured from the switch side (trunk 9-12 trk30 lacp) with 4 tagged port-switch (VLAN2 to 5: tagged trk30) and 1 other untagged(VLAN1: untagged trk30). On the Windows NIC teaming, I've created 1 LACP teaming with Hyper-V port Load balancing mode and then 4 others Team Interfaces (each one with the specific VLAN TAG). On Hyper-V switch manager, I've created a VNIC for each Teaming interface Result, VMs connected to VLAN1 (untagged on the Trunk) are reachable from other nodes. VMs connected to the other VLANs (2 to 5) not connected to other nodes from their respective VLANs
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