Windows 2012 r2 with multiple NICs, block specific DNS queries sending out from particular nic.

Rahul Goud Maragani
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I have an Application server running on windows 2012 r2 with multiple NICs. Each NIC has its own primary & secondary DNS servers assigned to the interface. But from one nic I see a lot of unwanted DNS queries sent out to its corresponding DNS server.

I have tried changing the NIC priority to lowest on the server which still did not help in resolving the issue.

My question:
Can I block these DNS queries through windows firewall?

Much appreciate your assistance

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with multiple NICs. Each NIC has its own primary & secondary DNS servers assigned to the interface. 

What is the purpose here? Multi-homing will cause no end to grief for active directory DNS



Hi Dave,
Thanks for your response.
The purpose from NIC which is connected closed network keep sending standard DNS queries (i.e., Google & windows update queries).

Basically, just want to know if there is any way stop sending these queries.




The simplest method would be to add entries into your \windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file, something like; www.bad-web-site.example.com www.another-site.example.net




Thanks for quick response.

Added the entries into the host file, but no luck. I could still see DNS queries sending out the NIC

The hosts file method was to block a local user from browser access to listed sites. You may be able to discover the source process using message analyzer then block the process inbound or outbound traffic at firewall.





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