Old backup and bare metal restore of DC

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Hi to everybody,

I have got a new customer where I had to perform a bare metal restore of a Domain Controller (Windows 2012 R2) from an OLD backup; the problem is that when it has been backuped, there was another DC (with active replicas); so, restoring it, since it was "offline" for more than 60 days -tombstone time limit- its maximum replica time is expired. The problem is that the replication server is no longer existent and now it is the only DC present/valid. It works, but I cannot add another DC because of course it doesn't start the replicas.


Is there a way to set/force the DC as "only one domain controller" in the forest and re-enable the replicas with a new one added? Of course I cannot de-promote the DC because it is the only one valid/existent DC, also if "he doesn't know it"...….


Many thanks in advance and best Regards



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